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Sous Vide will be one of the best investment you make this year

Meal prep tip:

Air seal your meals for the week PRE Cooked.

Every morning, toss your meal in the Sous Vide and let it cook all day. At dinner, cut the bag open and enjoy. It's been a major life saver making sure Audrey, Dex, and I have a quality, healthy, home-cooked meal every night during the week regardless of our work schedules, training schedules, and family schedules!

Sous Vide will be one of the best investments you make this year.


It's time you put the effort forward to be the best healthiest version of you, and I've got the answer to help you do just that!

The Performance plus program helps you dial in Training, Nutrition, and your Health to create the best you possible.

Imagine new PR's, having energy without pain, and living a happier life... I can help you get there.

Let's chat. Send me the words "Let's do this!" and let's get you moving towards the best year of your life.

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