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What our clients have to say!

John S.

"Dr. Tancini is an extraordinary physical therapist. I recommend him highly.
After major shoulder surgery and 10 weeks of PT, I returned to Crossfit with significantly limited ROM, mechanical imbalances, and muscle atrophy. Within a couple of months, I experienced a recurrence of shoulder pain and began to despair that I would never return to a fully functional, athletic lifestyle. Dr. Tancini changed all that. His dry needling was magic -- it almost immediately eliminated my discomfort. Dr. Tancini then prescribed a set of ROM and strengthening exercises that quickly and demonstrably improved my ROM, strength, and mechanics, and which I could actually accomplish in a normal day.
But perhaps the most amazing thing to me is that he has launched me on a return to (pain free) running. I was a competitive runner decades ago, but after years of insanely high mileage, my knees were shot; I hadn't run in 12 years. Dr. Tancini assured me I did not have to abandon my preferred sport of origin -- and he has delivered!
As a competitive athlete, Dr. Tancini understands the goals of people for whom normal "activities of daily living" include olympic-style weight lifting, gymnastic movements, running, and metabolic conditioning. If those are your goals, he's your man. Plus, he's a genuinely nice guy."

Doug J.

"After dealing with lingering back issues I knew it was time for some professional help and I sought out Dr. Michael. I was glad I did. He does a wonderful job at looking at the individual as a whole and analyzing why a person is experiencing discomfort. From there he does a great job of providing treatment to get the person out of pain AND creating movements and exercises that can be done on your own to address WHY the problems popped up in the first place. Additionally, as the name 'Ground to Overhead' implies he has a deep understanding of the needs of an individual engaging in functional exercises which is very helpful. My only regret is that I hadn't done something sooner because often times the status quo isn't a recipe for success."


Sarah W.

"I did a run analysis with Dr. Michael, and I was very impressed with his knowledge and explanation of what was going on with my body. The exercises and progression he gave me to improve my running has already helped tremendously. I don't think I'll ever LIKE running, but at least I can be decent at it!"

Emily H.

"I came to Dr. Tancini to rehabilitate a low back disc injury and with great results! He is professional, highly knowledgeable, honest, and sympathetic. He kept me committed and motivated through the inevitable highs and lows that come with PT. I learned how to heal my body, avoid pain, and how to permanently change my movement patterns to avoid future re-injury. I recommend Ground to Overhead PT to anyone who is serious about addressing pain or injury and is looking for a long-term and sustainable solution!"

J.P. - Active Duty Army Special Forces

"When I first started my physical therapy with Michael I was uncertain about the future of my health. Not only did he reassure me of the fact that I can heal and be strong again but in fact I would. He is very professional and kept a positive outlook on my situation. His knowledge exceeded my expectations. He has helped me understand the benefits of doing the right things long enough consistently and I feel better than ever. I appreciate all the work he has done with me and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to be better at what they do."

L.B. - Active Duty Army Special Forces

"From September 2016 to November 2016, I saw Mike Tancini for Achilles Tendonitis. I am highly impressed by his knowledge, aptitude, and persistent concern for my wellbeing. Even amongst top medical providers in the realm of Special Forces healthcare, Mike continually distinguished himself through meticulous care and persistent concern for my wellbeing. I remain taken aback by the quality of care provided. While new to the Army Special Forces community, I can only hope that all physical therapists treating military personnel are as diligent and proficient in their services." 

J.W. - Active Duty Army Special Forces

"As a student in the Special Forces Qualifications Course I suffered an inguinal hernia, an injury that normally requires a lengthy rest period and recovery. Unfortunately as a student I was not afforded this luxury and had to continue training while I recovered.  Mike started working with me one week after the surgery and I recovered faster and became stronger than I ever imagined going into the surgery.  I am certain that without his oversight my recovery would not have been as fast or as complete."

J.P. - Jiu-jitsu Athlete

"I sought Dr. Tancini's assistance with a complex jiu-jitsu injury involving my neck and shoulder which had hindered me for over 10 years. Given Dr. Tancini's background competing and working with elite crossfit athletes, I suspected that he might be uniquely qualified to work help individuals get back into physically demanding programs. I was not disappointed. Despite a number of previous MRIs and consultations with various types of medical providers (including previous physical therapists), Dr. Tancini provided a much more comprehensive explanation of my injury and how to treat it. His physical therapy was unlike others that I had completed in the past, and I am now back on the mats with renewed hopes of being able to stay there thanks to Dr. Tancini. I have been extremely impressed with Dr. Tancini's knowledge, capabilities and genuine commitment to my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Tancini and Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy."

L.O. - Surfer and Fitness Athlete 

"I've been working with Michael since June and couldn't be more satisfied with his work. I came to him with a very limited range of motion on my right arm and a lot of pain in my right shoulder.

I could notice the difference in my first session and not long after that I was back to working out, always with his supervision and guidance as to what I could/should be doing and a lot of care as to how each movement/workout impacted my rehab afterwards.

He's always super transparent as to why he's applying such technique or guiding me through a specific exercise, caring not only about applying the correct technique but also ensuring I understand every step of the process.

After 2 quick months of weekly visits I'm now completely pain free (ever under load during workouts) and my range of motion is now almost 100%. Something I didn't think I'd recover so quickly.

Not to mention he's always in a great mood and you'll not even notice the time fly by during the sessions." 

C.R. - Recreational fitness athlete ​

"I truly believe Dr. Tancini lives up to his mission to help people live better and more fulfilling lives through his practice. With a notable background in assisting competitive athletes, he has a extensive skill set in helping individuals achieve the goals they are looking to accomplish. Although not a professional athlete myself, I sought out Dr. Tancini's help after having severe knee pain that seemed to be causing limitations not only in my everyday activities, but also into my work as well. After an initial assessment, he was able to target to the causation of the pain immediately . After some consecutive weeks of working with him once a week focusing on strength and mobility, he managed to safely and effectively eliminate any knee pain I had once had! Dr. Tancini's genuine commitment to help others reach their goals and achieve a more fulfilling life is untouched. I highly recommend Dr. Tancini and Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy."

Kelly A. - Crossfit Athlete 

I went to see Dr. Tancini a few months ago to help me with some chronic hip pain I’ve been having since my second pregnancy about 5 years ago. I’d been able to reduce it quite a bit through strength training, but I still had continuous low-level pain and occasional flare-ups that left me unable to sleep at night. Dr. Tancini was able to quickly identify the issue and through a combination of soft tissue work and lots of specific exercises I now am out of pain. I’m still working with him to get more comfortable in certain ranges of motion. The exercises he gave me to do were challenging and I really had to work my way out of this, but it was worth it and I couldn't have known what to do on my own. My only regret is not getting his help sooner. The best part for me was that he never told me to stop doing the workouts and active things I wanted to do, he just helped me figure out how to do those things less painfully. If you are an active person (or want to be one again) definitely see Dr. Tancini to help you with your pain.

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