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Wow! Where has this year gone?

Wow! Where has this year gone? I feel like it was yesterday that we were celebrating my dad's birthday playing Top Golf at the start of March, literally 5 days before the mass shut down started.

We as a community have had a pretty rough year, to say the least. But remember, a lot of good came out of this year as well! You've maybe spent more time with family. Gone camping for the first time in your life. Many of you built home gyms! Maybe you even took up a new hobby around the house. It's easy to focus on what has sucked about 2020 but remember a ton of good has come out as well.

Many athletes like yourself are dealing with injuries or problems from something regarding training at home or maybe in your return to the gym.

You've missed way too much time in the gym this year, fallen behind on your goals, and now is NOT the time you want to be sidelined with an injury.

That's why I'm offering for the FIRST TIME a Special Black Friday Deal. I'll tell you more about it over the next week.

What do you need to know now? Well, #1 there are only 10 of these available and I'm telling over 10k athletes about it.

Stay tuned for my next few post as you don't want to miss this and it will go fast!


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