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Best Judges Ever!

And @Audreyjane21 Keeps on Rolling!

Gymnastics has been the hardest thing for me to dial back in my training. It’s my favorite part of CF so that has made it even more difficult because it’s not fun doing the progressions and the grind to regain strength for the movements I want to be able to do again. Today I had 20-30 min of skill work programmed so I chose Muscle Ups. Thinking I would probably miss the first one I turned on my camera so I could analyze the miss and develop a cue for the next attempt. But to my surprise, I got one!!! And only missed one out of the 15 I practiced! So pumped! I’m lusting after the competition and adrenaline of the quarterfinals and age group online qualifiers, now I can’t wait for next year's Open! #LFG #mastersathlete


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