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Want your kids to grow up healthy?

"Year 1 has gone so fast. This little guy is an amazing blessing in my life!"

Building lifelong habits start when we are young. They start with you, your habits, and your lifestyle. One of the most ingrained parts of being human is wanting to be a part of the family. Kids want to do, what they SEE their parents do.

How come tribal groups don't have a problem with their kids wanting processed foods? Well, simple, they don't see their parents eat them and they don't have access to them.

Want your kids to grow up healthy? Eat real food, feed them real food. Don't give them "kids" foods because you feel it's what you are supposed to do. Give them REAL food, just like you eat. Show them. Teach them through action. Be a person who SHOWS not TELLS.


It's time you put the effort forward to be the best healthiest version of you, and I've got the answer to help you do just that!

The Performance plus program helps you dial in Training, Nutrition, and your Health to create the best you possible.

Imagine new PR's, having energy without pain, and living a happier life...I can help you get there.

Lets chat. Send me the words " Let's do this!" and let's get you moving towards the best year of your life.

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