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Knee pain solutions!

Inner Knee pain and Pes Anserine Tendinitis / Bursitis do not just happen on their own! ⁠


The muscles which connect to the Pes Anserine work as a group to dynamically resist knee valgus (AKA knees collapsing in). Too high of stress, too much volume of loading, and not enough recovery from training often results in developing this problem. ⁠


Howe do you fix it? How do you avoid it? ⁠

1) Improve stability, strength, and control through the entire leg. Hip --> Foot, working to train yourself out of consistently defaulting to a values knee position. ⁠

2) Learn how to run correctly! Fix your mechanics to encourage less valgus at the knee. ⁠

3) Dial in your program to provide you with enough recovery from the training you're doing. ⁠




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