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Stop Avoiding Back Squats and Leg Day!

Stop Avoiding Back Squats and Leg Day!

Things squatting helps with.

1. Bigger Quadz

2. Knee pain

3. Hip Pain

4. Improving Strength

5. Getting up off the Toilet

6. Improving your Oly Lifts

7. Improving your ability to run

8. Improving your athletic ability

9. Keeping you away from a future nursing home.

10. Buying your new jeans

11. Improving your health

Get your body back. Be the Dad you know you can be!

Turn back time on the way you feel.

And actually be able to play with your kids again, instead of watching from the sidelines.

Life is so much better when you can use your body and feel great.

Be the example you want to engrain into your kids. Take control of your health. Show your kids how to be active, play, and live a healthy life!

It starts with you. Right now. Stop making excuses. Stop waiting for the perfect time. Take action. Be consistent!

Lost on what your first steps should be? Contact me through a direct message and let's chat!

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