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Jane permanently fixed her foot pain, so can you!

Meet Jane, at the time of us working together she was 36 years old, a mother of 1, and she has a race scheduled for the fall. She has ramped up training but was dealing with plantar fasciitis. She knew she needed to run so she could train for her race, but she also knew that every time she ran she would limp around for the next 3 days, have terrible pain with her first step in the morning, while her foot pain was now getting to the point where it affected her speed and distance while training. She's was afraid if she stopped she'll do poor in her race and if she continued she won't even be able to run the race due to her foot!⁠

Sound familiar?⁠

The good news is that she permanently fixed her foot pain (which had been lingering for a few years) AND performed way better than she would have in the race if she had never addressed her foot pain. The root cause of her problem was also a major contributor to her running inefficiently and was drastically slowing her down.

All she had to do was fix that 1 problem, and she now can enjoy all her future training while pushing her performance to levels she never thought was possible.⁠

This exercise is a common exercise used to help an athlete overcome plantar fasciitis. ⁠

The banded Arch lift is an excellent way to develop stability and control through the foot, which is a major component of permanently fixing plantar foot pain! ⁠

If Jane sounds like you, and you’re tired of dealing with your foot pain, then you NEED to figure out the root cause of your problem so you can fix it permanently!⁠

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