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Fix Your Problem Permanently with Video Sessions with Dr. Tancini!

You've been dealing with problems now for Weeks, Months, Years, and sometimes decades! Life is way more fun when you feel great and you can do the things you love to do. # The lockdown we are all in, IS THE BEST TIME TO FIX YOURSELF! Just think, how awesome will it feel when you finally get to return to the gym, your previously problem is permanently fixed, and you don't need to miss any more time or scale any more work outs to avoid the problem you've been dealing with for months. # Here at Ground to Overhead PT, I've been doing remote video sessions with athletes for the past 3 years! It's an extremely effective way to permanently fix your problem. By breaking your movement down through video, we are able to find the ROOT cause of your problem and provide you the PERMANENT fix you need. You've been reliant on passive manual therapies with no lasting effect for too long. Now is the time to fix your problem, and you can do so before your gym opens back up! # When the gym opens back up, focus your energy on mastering pull ups, muscle ups, and snatches..not focusing on "how can I continue to scale around the hurt shoulder/back/knee that I've been dealing with." # I can help you fix your problem, regardless of where you live. All you need is the ability to video chat and we can work together to fix your problem for good. # Want to learn more? Send me a message now and let's chat! When the gym opens back up, you'll be SO happy you did! #telehealth #remotetherapy #videohealth #fixyourself #backpain #neckpain #shoulderpain #hippain #squat #deadlift #press #snatch #cleanandjerk #cary #northcarolina #chapelhill #durham


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Trying to find a way to resolve your problems [at the root], return to the workouts you love, and avoid an unnecessary surgery, medication, or injection?

Contact me by clicking here!

I'll be happy to help! Dr. Michael Tancini, DPT, PT, CSCS, CF-L1, Pn1

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