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"I went to see Dr. Tancini a few months ago to help me with some chronic hip pain..."

What are others saying about Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy?⁠


"I went to see Dr. Tancini a few months ago to help me with some chronic hip pain I’ve been having since my second pregnancy about 5 years ago. I’d been able to reduce it quite a bit through strength training, but I still had continuous low-level pain and occasional flare-ups that left me unable to sleep at night. Dr. Tancini was able to quickly identify the issue and through a combination of soft tissue work and lots of specific exercises I now am out of pain. I’m still working with him to get more comfortable in certain ranges of motion. The exercises he gave me to do were challenging and I really had to work my way out of this, but it was worth it and I couldn't have known what to do on my own. My only regret is not getting his help sooner. The best part for me was that he never told me to stop doing the workouts and active things I wanted to do, he just helped me figure out how to do those things less painfully. If you are an active person (or want to be one again) definitely see Dr. Tancini to help you with your pain."⁠


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