"I thought I needed to stretch more but in reality I need a professional to help me re-learn..."

What are others saying about Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy?⁠


"I could not recommend Ground to Overhead PT high enough! When I first started seeing Dr. Tancini I was extremely discouraged about my recurring wrist and back pain. I tried everything to fix these problems by myself which left me feeling defeated. I love being active - bike rides, Crossfit classes, playing with my friends kids, swimming in the ocean, long walks..etc. It was discouraging to feel pain doing things I enjoyed so much. After just one appointment with Dr. Tancini I was convinced that I could be pain free!

By myself, I did not have the tools or knowledge to fix my poor movement patterns. I thought I needed to stretch more but in reality I need a professional to help me re-learn how to move correctly. Dr. Tancini is without a doubt the man for the job! His knowledge of the body is extensive and every movement/exercise he leads me through is intentional. He also has a firm commitment to providing a safe, clean, and sanitized environment. This has helped me feel confident in continuing to have appointments during this pandemic.

If your pain is holding you back from moving or being active, definitely set up an appointment with Dr. Tancini. This financial and time investment is well worth it."⁠


I have the long-term solution to your problem.⁠

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