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"I have had a fantastic experience with Dr. Tancini."

What are others saying about Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy?⁠


"I have had a fantastic experience with Dr. Tancini. He has a unique approach to addressing injuries and pays great individual attention to detail when determining the best plan for recovery. I have done physical therapy in the past for my Achilles issues (from long-distance running/training), yet I have never been able to recover as quickly nor get back to running at the caliber that I would like to in the past. I am very grateful for Dr. Tancini's expertise and assistance to date."⁠


I have the long-term solution to your problem.⁠

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Trying to find a way to resolve your problems [at the root], return to the workouts you love, and avoid an unnecessary surgery, medication, or injection?

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I'll be happy to help! Dr. Michael Tancini, DPT, PT, CSCS, CF-L1, Pn1

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