Fix your hips!

Does your hip pain stop you from squatting, olympic lifting, or running?


Your hip pain may have just started off as what felt like a “pinch” or “tight muscles”. It didn't bother you at first because you thought it was normal. This feeling got worse overtime and you discovered that rolling it on a kettlebell or softball and stretching with the band helped alleviate the pain for a little while. The fix is always temporary though. The pinch/tightness is now a pain, and now you’re unable to roll out to alleviate your pain anymore. It hurts when you squat, walk, run, jump, get out of your car, bend over to pick something up, and even sometimes at night.


You went to the doctor, they said to just stop squatting or running because its bad for you. But you absolutely WON’T stop training or running. It’s what you do and more importantly is a huge part of your identity! You want your problem fixed. You don't want surgery. You don’t want injections. And you really want to squat.


Fact: You can squat, run, and live you life without hip pain! You don’t need injections, surgery, or pain medications to get through life.


Your solution? A program to fix your hips (not just another exercise)!


Stop wasting your time going to provider after provider to get the same basic clamshells and standing abductions. You're an athlete and you need a program to help you permanently fix your problem.


Fix your self at home, you just need the right program to follow.

👉DM me for more information on the High Performing and Healthy Hips Program!👈

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