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"WOW I am beyond pleased with my experience at Ground to Overhead PT with Dr. Tancini!"

What are others saying about Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy?⁠


"WOW I am beyond pleased with my experience at Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy with Dr. Tancini! I came to him after suffering from a herniated disc for about a month, and in a little over one month's time, I am now back to nearly all of my previous activities. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone suffering from an injury or chronic pain condition. As a full time personal trainer, I would not hesitate to refer any of my clients to him; there is no one else better around. There is not a cookie cutter approach to healing injuries, as all bodies are different and each person's experience with injury/pain is different and Dr. Tancini honors that with each client. Five stars!!"⁠


I have the long-term solution to your problem.⁠

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