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The Pandemic and how it brought to light the importance of Fitness with John Dill

In today’s episode, we have John Dill. He is a former captain in the US Army and a member of the 75th ranger regiment. He is now the founder and owner of Sua Sponte Cross-Fit gym.

Today, Dr. Michael Tancini and John Dill discuss the importance of fitness and how health and wellness should be. They also touched on what covid 19 taught them and a lot of other helpful stuff.

In this episode:

01:18 - Dr. Tank and John shares the story of when they met.

03:43 - John tells how he started CrossFit.

08:13 - What drove John to open Sua Sponte?

13:47 - John talks about the reasons why people should workout.

16:44 - John encourages people to be fit and healthy.

19:13 - Covid 19 is a wake-up call.

19:59 - Dr. Tank talks about the advice he gave people in the start of the pandemic.

21:20 - Dr. Tank and John suggested how wellness should be.

24:12 - John talks about the stigma around fitness.

26:36 - John talks about when he had a hip replacement.

30:45 - Fitness is for every human being.

32:26 - John talks about how can people find him.

33:47 - John gives advice to the listeners.

John Dill

Raleigh, NC Crossfit Facility

6675 Falls of Neuse Road #125-127

Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: (919) 809-8992


Durham, NC Crossfit Facility

1125 NC Highway 54

Durham, NC 27707

Phone: (919) 948-0929


IG: @crossfitsuasponte




For the complete podcast episode, you may listen to:

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