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Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy (GOPT) - Who Are We?

If you find yourself reading these blogs or previewing our information and wondering who are these therapists at Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy (GOPT)? Well, this is here to provide you some answers.

GOPT was the brainchild of Dr. Michael Tancini. Through his time spent in clinics and providing rehab services, he found a massive deficit that existed in the physical therapy world. A world that is ever-more becoming run by the insurance industry with therapist burnout at a high, as well as shorter treatment times, limited one-on-one time with the patients, billing, and interaction with patients being dictated by reimbursement. This being the standard in physical therapy of multiple patients an hour, techs providing exercises, and in some clinics patients not being able to tell you who their physical therapist is. That being said, there are still great therapists in all branches and realms of physical therapy. But the mentioned norm was not the standard of care Dr. Tancini wanted to provide. He also noticed athletes of all levels being under-served in the physical therapy community, simply because they could move and expected a higher return than just getting back to “normal.”

At GOPT, Dr. Tancini developed a 3-step approach that has worked for his clients and is rooted in science and evidence. The premise is that everyone who walks through the door and sees one of the team: Dr. Michael Tancini, Dr. Molly Pierson, and Dr. Meische Cox, will be seen as an individual with unique dysfunction, struggles, goals, and recovery process.

This system is far from the one size fits all approach. Each program is developed with the individual sitting on the treatment table in mind. More importantly, every member of the team has the time to review, evaluate, treat, and provide a rehab program designed to get you back to what drives you. This individual approach is broken down even further to sensical steps:

  1. Fixing your pain: this is simple and usually, the reason people seek us out. Our goal is to always progress you towards recovery, healing, and most importantly decreased pain.

  2. Find the root cause: this means no band-aide approach. We are looking to break down all the pieces of injury. For example, is it just your elbow that hurts, or does is stem from your neck or shoulders? What is your activity of choice? What do you do for work? What do your weekends look like? Where is the breakdown in movement, mobility, and function? This clinic allows us the time, knowledge, and brainstorm capability to find the why behind the pain and fix it so that it isn’t a persistent/recurring dysfunction.

  3. Providing you with the necessary tools to get back to being active and not dealing with this again: this again seems simple, but it is crucial. This means homework, this means exercises/stretches/movement changes/mechanical changes/activity adjustments/etc. Our goal is to give you tools to manage dysfunction and provide you with a strong, stable, and functional base to keep you moving, doing the things you love and most importantly keeping you out of pain.

Each of the therapists you meet at GOPT is well-versed in the human body, mechanics, and the importance of activity in life. We also understand the importance of “gym/exercise” in whatever form that comes to maintaining health both mentally and physically. Each of us has suffered injury in some form and the devastation “rest” has on mental health and recovery. We all have had/continue to have high arching goals for ourselves that requires an active body so we understand the desire to keep performing at a high level. We understand that life is more than raising your arm or leg or performing daily work and life chores. Bottom line is, we get it which gives us an insight to getting you back to “there” wherever “there” is for you.

If you are in pain, notice deficits in lifts/runs/daily activities, are looking for guidance on how to safely return to the gym, contact us for an individualized assessment and treatment protocol that addresses you and your goals and is likely, unlike any other physical therapy experience you have had.

*You can also check out the Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy YouTube channel,, for exercise and mobility guides.

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