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Shoulder Pain Fix

Whats your first step to address your shoulder pain? Watch the full video for 2 of my go-to first options to begin the process of addressing shoulder pain. Video in Bio!⁠

In many weightlifters and Crossfit athletes Overhead mobility restrictions are a huge problem which limit performance AND result in shoulder pain. If you want to perform and feel better. Give these a go. ⁠

If you’re tired of your chronic shoulder pain.

Tired of being told to stop training.

Tired of needing to go see your physical therapist or chiropractor multiple times a week.

Tired of spending dollar after dollar on quick fix solutions.

I’ve got your solution. Contact me and let's talk!



Questions about the content within this post?

Trying to find a way to resolve your problems [at the root], return to the workouts you love, and avoid an unnecessary surgery, medication, or injection?

Contact me by clicking here!

Send me an email at .

I'll be happy to help! Dr. Michael Tancini, DPT, PT, CSCS, CF-L1, Pn1

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