Ask the Doc's - How to fix Golfers Elbow in Crossfit Athletes with Dr. Brett Rolison

Today, we have Dr. Brett Rolison. He is a DPT, PT and a CSCS. He took up BS in Exercise Science in University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT in Campbell University. His advanced Certifications are CSCS - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, SFMA - Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Structure and Function - Dry Needling for Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Sport Performance CMFA – Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete.

His personal motto is: Whatever You Are, Be A Good One.

What’s Dr. Brett’s story?

Growing up in the Triangle, Brett has made it his mission to lead from the front and set the example for what it means to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Over the last 20 years, he has participated in a wide range of physical pursuits including hockey, tennis, Olympic weightlifting, Crossfit, cycling, and long-distance running. In addition to his training as a physical therapist, Brett is a certified strength and conditioning coach, and has completed post-graduate certifications that focus specifically on working with athletes. In his practice, Brett believes that getting athletes to move better and more often is what leads to their long-term success and participation in the sport or training they love. As a person who lives the lifestyle he preaches, Brett challenges his patients to not only maximize their training, but to also evaluate their sleep, nutrition, and stress levels – as we know these things are just as important for long-term health and happiness.

For today’s podcast, Dr. Michael Tancini and Dr. Brett Rolison talk’s about a lot of interesting stuff. Dr. Brett’s background and how he got into PT. They also explained the golfer’s elbow, how to pinpoint it and gave a few tips to help people who are suffering from it. They touched on Dr. Brett’s workplace and a lot of other topics.

In this episode:

03:28 - Dr. Brett tells people about himself.

04:25 - What’s Dr. Brett diving into right now?

05:47 - Dr. Brett talks about his previous job.

07:10 - What’s Dr. Brett’s favorite part working here?

08:28 – Dr. Brett and Dr. Michael talk’s about golfer’s elbow.

10:25 – I’ve been having a golfer’s elbow issue. Any thoughts on helping with the pain and making it go away?

11:19 - Dr. Brett pinpoints the problem.

12:57 - Dr. Michael explains elbow pain.

17:53 - Dr. Brett gives tips for the athlete.

19:19 - Dr. Michael gives his tips for the athlete.


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