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We're a Family with Brian Owner of CrossFit Contrivance

Today we have, Brian Herring. He is the founder and head coach of CrossFit Contrivance and he also works as an insurance person. His certificates includes: CF - L1, CF - L2, Scaling Certificate, Spot the Flaw Certificate, Anatomy Certificate, Judges and Burgner Level 1 Weightlifting Certification.

Not many people think that family and fitness can go hand and hand. But for today’s podcast, that’s exactly what Dr. Michael Tancini and Brian Herring shows us. They chat about the importance of having a place to take care and be yourself. They not just touched on physical fitness but mental health as well.

In this episode:

04:22 - Brian tells people about himself.

07:26 - Dr. Tank and Brian discuss that the gym brings people from all walks of life together.

07:35 – Mind pump podcast:

11:15 – When did Brian started CrossFit?

12:52 - Brian tells the importance of taking care of one’s self.

13:36 - Steve Pinkerton.

15:58 - How did Brian get to where he is now?

18:43 – Having good people surround you.

20:18 - What is Brian’s biggest mission?

21:27 – How did Brian created a family like environment in his gym?

27:28 - Brian and Dr. Tank discuss the importance of the gym especially during covid.

30:15 - Brian shares their mission to improve people’s mental health.

32:12 - Dr. Tank and Brian discuss the importance of getting InTouch with your feelings.

36:16 - Kelly Starrett. Becoming a Supple Leopard:

39:28 - What are some ways in which Brian help people to get back in the gym?

44:14 – Dr. Tank debunked a myth about CrossFit.





Phone: 919-589-7407

Address: 2161 E Williams St #101, Apex, NC 27539


For the complete podcast episode, you may listen to:

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