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Does Your Doctor Even Lift?

Here at Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy, Dr. Tancini firmly believes in practicing what he preaches. Any advice he gives to his clients, he either currently does or has done in the past! He's looking forward lifting at the USAW American Open Finals in December in Atlanta Georgia! This is one of two National Final USAW Weightlifting Competitions. This is his second time qualifying for the event.


You know what drives me nuts, is when healthcare providers use fancy medical jargon, talk over your head for the entire appointment, don't understand what you do, and just tell you to stop.⁠

I feel your pain, I've been there! ⁠


You go to your health care provider. They obviously don't understand your activity. They think everything squatting, running, lifting, and crossfit is bad. They start throwing out incomprehensible medical jargon which only their peers would understand. And to top things off, all they tell you to do is stop ___________ because its bad and you're just too old for it. "You just don't need to squat or do crossfit anymore. Just stop and you'll feel better." "You have the back of a 75 year old, just don't bend or twist or pick anything up and you'll be fine" 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬⁠


You can continue performing your activity or sport. You can live your life to the fullest WITHOUT pain limiting you in your training. You SHOULD lift, squat, and deadlift until your no linger on this planet.⁠


You're an athlete. Your sport or activity has a specific language and culture. Your Provider NEEDS to be fluent in that language and culture to best help you fully reach your goals! ⁠


Find yourself a provider who is fluent in what you do!⁠


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