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Book of the Week: From Impossible to Inevitable

“It's easy and fun to dream about success. Making it happen—and keeping it going—is a lot tougher. And far more rewarding.”


“There's no better way to pull yourself forward in life or business than to publicly commit to doing something specific by a deadline, even before you know how you're going to do it.”


“Your primary goal should not be to close a deal, but to help your “customers” solve problems and realize success.”


“Successful entrepreneurs care more about the brutal truth than about being right or looking good. They take responsibility for results, not intentions.”


Looking for a really interesting read? This one's for you!⁠


I'm going to bring you 52 books in 52 weeks ⁠(I'm behind, not quite averaging a book per week any more, but I will finish these 52 books as quickly as I can effectively ready them!)⁠


Book of the week (47 of 52): From Impossible to Inevitable


Read it.⁠





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