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Top 3 Habits To Improve Your Health with Dr. Tank

Living the best life that we can is a very important part of our lives but not all of us do it. We don’t need to worry though, because, in today’s episode, Dr. Michael Tancini will share with us the hobbits that changed his life for the better.

In this episode:

02:29 - What are the biggest things that help you stay healthy in life?

03:00 - What are three things that will absolutely change your life?

04:44 - Dr. Tank discusses the importance of sleeping 8 hours every night.

08:28 - Dr. Tank shares his experience when he started sleeping 8 hours every night.

12:29 - How does Dr. Tank get 8 hours of sleep?

16:07 - Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker:

16:14 - Dr. Tank talks about the benefits of journaling.

20:11 - Dr. Tank shares how to block off your schedule.

For the complete podcast episode, you may listen to:

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