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There is no "Winning" life, there is only continuing to improve upon your current state!

“It is important to celebrate our victories, but we cannot linger on them. For the Infinite Game is still going and there is still much work to be done.” ⁠

― Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game⁠


“Being the best simply cannot be a Just Cause, because even if we are the best (based on the metrics and time frames of our own choosing), the position is only temporary. The game doesn’t end once we get there; it keeps going. And because the game keeps going, we often find ourselves playing defense to maintain our cherished ranking. Though saying “we are the best” may be great fodder for a rah-rah speech to rally a team, it makes for a weak foundation upon which to build an entire company. Infinite-minded leaders understand that “best” is not a permanent state. Instead, they strive to be “better.” “Better” suggests” ⁠

― Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game⁠


“An infinite mindset embraces abundance whereas a finite mindset operates with a scarcity mentality. In the Infinite Game we accept that “being the best” is a fool’s errand and that multiple players can do well at the same time.” ⁠

― Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game⁠


Health, fitness, relationships, business... These are ALL infinite games! Play them with finite rules and you're going to have problems. ⁠

Common finite solutions in each of these areas may be...⁠

- quick fad diets and detox plans.⁠

- moving sloppily and skipping reps just to finish first in your Crossfit class.⁠

- Only caring about yourself in relationships and refusing to compromise with the ones you care about.⁠

- Just trying to "beat" the other businesses around you ⁠


For a great book for principles which help you level up and optimize your life, give this book a read! ⁠


Looking for a really interesting read? This one's for you!⁠


I'm going to bring you 52 books in 52 weeks⠀⁠


Book of the week (37 of 52): The Infinite Game⁠


Read it.⁠




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