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Overcoming the Pandemic with Teamwork and Community at CrossFit Shoofly with owner Amanda Street

Today, we have Amanda Street. She is the owner and head coach of CrossFit ShooFly.

For today’s episode, Dr. Tank and Street talks about how they got into CrossFit. About fitness and the people that they work with. They also chatted about how Street got through the pandemic and a lot of other fun stuff.

In this episode:

02:28 - Dr. Tank shares the story of when he sold his assault bike.

06:16 - Street tells people about herself.

11:06 - Street mentioned Christmas Abbott.

12:57 - Dr. Tank tells the story of how he got into CrossFit.

15:29 - How did sports help Street to start her business?

20:11 - Street talks about how she runs her gym.

23:16 - Street and Dr. Tank talks about the people they work with.

35:35 – Dr. Tank shares a story about his dad.

42:44 – Street talks about the environment in her gym.

45:57 - What kind of struggles has Street run into coming out of COVID?

51:01 - Street explains the name of her gym.

54:30 - Dr. Tank mentioned the book The Obstacle IS the Way by Ryan Holiday.

You can find the book here:


Address: 405 Broad St #131 Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

Phone: 919 762 2932


IG @crossfit_shoofly

IG @streety2

You may also listen to:

Apple Podcast -

YouTube -

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