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Helping Athletes Be their BEST with Smitti of Barbells and Sprinkles Weightlifting Club

Our guest for today is John Smith. He is a PE teacher, a Weight Lifter and a coach.

Weight Lifting is a sport that’s slowly but surely gaining popularity even with the pandemic. So for this week’s podcast, Dr. Michael Tancini is joined by John Smith. They talked all about Weight Lifting, shared a bit of their own experiences and how did John work through as a coach during the Covid times.

In this episode:

02:07 - John Smith tells people about himself.

04:39 – Where did John play football?

05:55 - Dr. Tank shares a story about how he got into CrossFit.

06:22 - How did John gravitate towards the barbell side?

10:50 - How does John balance being a good coach and the wants of his athletes?

12:37 - Donnie Thompson.

16:21 - How did John come up with the club’s name?

18:02 - What were some ways in which John do to still be able to work with athletes during the pandemic?

18:54 - Dr. Tank and John talks about the challenges of online coaching.

21:55 - What does John do in his personal training?

23:00 - What are some of the biggest issues that John run-in with athletes that are jumping back in from the pandemic?

26:28 - Why does John do what he does?

27:53 - Dr. Tank shares a story when he started Weight Lifting.

29:44 – John talks about the success of his athletes.

31:19 - John talks about his future plans.

34:08 - What are the next steps of John’s personal training?

36:44 - What’s in John’s training for today?

39:29 - Dr. Tank tells a story about his wife.




For the complete podcast episode, you may listen to:

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