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Helping Athletes Across The Triangle Feel and Perform Their Best - Owner of Myology, Vincent Bounds

For this episode, Dr. Tank is joined by Vincent Bounds, the owner of Myology Sports Massage. Dr. Tancini and Vincent discuss all about Vincent’s business and how they provided care for the athletes during and after Covid19. They also touched on Vincent’s goals and a bit about the tactical games.

In this episode:

03:16 – Vincent introduces himself.

03:59 – What led Vincent to open up a business?

07:24 – Vincent’s training goals.

08:15 – What is Tactical Games?

10:7 – What is Vincent’s biggest mission and why did he changed his business name?

13:37 – What are some ways Vincent provided care for the athletes during the pandemic?

16:39 – What are some trends that Vincent had seen from the athletes that get back after covid19?

18:53 – How have things been with Vincent after coming back from covid19?

22:24 – Vincent talks about their different offices and the people to contact for each place.

27:49 – What is Vincent’s biggest advice?





For the complete podcast episode, you may listen to:

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