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All Natural, High Protein, and Absolutely Delicious!

Looking for a snack which is high protein, will satisfy hunger for a long period of time, easy to travel with, all natural, and taste delicious?

Give these bars a try! Super easy to make and they will save you TONS of money compared to buying yourself dozens of Perfect Bars or Rx Bars on a weekly basis.

Macronutrients per Ball

Serving Size: 35g Balls

Calorie: 180 Cals

Protein: 10g

Fats: 11g

Carbs: 10g


104g of Pitted Dates

316g of Natural Peanut Butter (Just nuts and salt)

90g of your favorite Protein Powder (Preferably one with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners)

21g honey

Steps to Make:

Step 1: Get your Ingredients

Step 2: Dates into the Food Processor

Step 3: Chop Dates up

Step 4: Add Peanut Butter

Step 5: Add Protein Powder

Step 6: Add Honey

Step 7: Mix everything in processor

Step 8: Weight out into Balls

Step 9: Enjoy! Store in the Fridge.

This recipe makes 15x 35g balls.


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