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Here's what others are saying about Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy!


"I first decided to see Dr. Tancini when I had pain that, 2 years previously, had me needing surgery. In an attempt to avoid another surgery, I started PT. Dr. Tancini was very patient and thorough in our attempts to find and isolate the catalyst of my pain. It was a process, but I am no longer hurting. I am grateful for his persistence and dedication to my problems. I am now back to weightlifting, and probably with much better form.


"I came to Dr. Tancini to rehabilitate a low back disc injury and with great results! He is professional, highly knowledgeable, honest, and sympathetic. He kept me committed and motivated through the inevitable highs and lows that come with PT. I learned how to heal my body, avoid pain, and how to permanently change my movement patterns to avoid future re-injury. I recommend Ground to Overhead PT to anyone who is serious about addressing pain or injury and is looking for a long-term and sustainable solution!"


""Michael is a top class physical therapist. After having a back injury that limited me for two years, i started seeing Michael and he did what all the other PT’s I saw couldn’t do - fixed me up. Highly recommend Michael to anyone in need of PT.""

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