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Happy New Years!

2020, it was quite the year.

Many of you most likely cannot wait for 2020 to end!

You were sick and tired of all the bad things that happened. The COVID situation, all the election garbage, maybe a few injuries, all the altered sports could probably go on and on!

Let's take a moment though and think about all the amazing things that actually came out of 2020. Here are my 12 best things of 2020 by month. I challenge you to do the same! Comment below with yours and share it for everyone else to see.

January: I found out I was going to be a father!

February: I took advantage of an opportunity to surround myself with people WAY smarter than I am! @dannymattapt @ptbiz @eo3_fit

March: Played Top-Golf for the first time to celebrate my dad's Birthday literally days before the COVID lockdown.

April: Realized how amazing it was to spend more time with @audreyjane21 with her teaching from home. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few walks sprinkled in. This has absolutely been the best part of the pandemic. More quality time with my better half!

May: Successfully hosted my first Virtual Movement Clinic, opening a new door for many more to come!

June: Qualified for my 2nd American Open Finals

July: Found out that I earned my Orthopedic Certified Specialty Certification from the American Board of Physical Therapy

August: My son Dexter was born!

September: I realized how much I love taking 1-2 mile walks with Sadie (my dog) at 5:20am! October: Developed the cooking strategy of "Sous Vide Everything" making meal prep and cook super easy!

November: Started my Fence Project

December: Got to celebrate mine and Audreys 4th wedding anniversary with an awesome trip to the mountains with the family to get a tree.

2020 has been great!

Has it been a challenge? Sure!

Has it forced adaptation? Absolutely!

Am I sick of wearing a mask? 100% Yes.

But it's also been really great. There have been tons of opportunities to grow!

If you think 2020 just sucks completely. I challenge you to look at it through a different lens.

So what are your top moments?

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