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Book of the week: Deskbound

“The typical seated office worker has more musculoskeletal injuries than any other industry sector worker, including construction, metal industry, and transportation workers. One”⁠

― Kelly Starrett, Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World⁠

“the cold, hard truth is that exercise will not reverse the potentially harmful and irrefutable effects that too much sitting has on our bodies.”⁠

― Kelly Starrett, Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World⁠

Heres the thing, there is nothing inherently wrong with sitting. The human body actually was meant to sit. Sit on the floor, sit on rocks, sit on tree stumps. The problem comes from the evolution of todays society. We spend hours on hours of our day sitting in the same place, with little movement from this static position. This is where the problem lies. Count up the amount of time you spend sitting down. Breakfast, trip to work, while working, lunch, trip home from work, dinner, on the couch after work...You'll realize how much time you actually spend sitting down. And the 30 minutes of exercises you do daily, isn't enough to counterbalance all the time spent statically sitting all day. Too much sitting (not enough movement) is associate with shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and much more. ⁠

I understand that you work all day and it's impossible to not sit all day long! Here are some strategies to help you improve movement throughout the day. ⁠

1) standing desk⁠

2) walking meetings⁠

3) Talk on the phone standing up⁠

4) set an interval timer for sit/stand at work. ⁠

5) take a 10 minute walk break every hour at work. ⁠

6) find ways to sit on the floor more often. ⁠

7) Take multiple 15-30 minute walks per day ⁠

8) kneel beside of your work station instead of sitting. ⁠

Looking for a really interesting read? This one's for you!⁠

I'm going to bring you 52 books in 52 weeks⠀⁠

Book of the week (35 of 52): Deskbound ⁠

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