All about Caffeine!

"There are studies that show that people's both mental performance and athletic performance are improved by coffee."


"If you have a cup of coffee after you've learned something or read a textbook chapter, you are more likely to test better on it the next day."


It's a problem in ways we don't perceive, because caffeine undermines the quality — not necessarily the quantity, but the quality — of our sleep. And specifically, one very particular kind of sleep, which I'd never heard of before, called "slow wave" or deep sleep. This isn't REM sleep, where you're having dreams, or light sleep. This is a really deep place you go for not that long a part of the night, but it's really important to your mental and physical health. It's where these slow waves start radiating from the front of your brain into the back, and they kind of harmonize all the neurons, get them on the same page. It's where you kind of take memories from short-term working memory and put them in their proper place. It's like cleaning up the desktop on your computer at the end of the day."


Looking for a really interesting read? This one's for you!⁠


I'm going to bring you 52 books in 52 weeks ⁠(I'm going to catch up! I'm a little behind)⁠


Book of the week (45 of 52): Caffeine: How Caffeine Created the Modern World; Michael Pollen


Read it.⁠










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