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A 1-of-a-kind Fitness Experience New to the Triangle with Candace Marek, Owner of AKT Briar Creek

Today we have, Candace Marek. She is a wife, a mom, and the owner of AKT Brier Creek at Raleigh North Carolina.

Fitness can take many forms. For today’s episode, Dr. Michael Tancini is joined by Candace Marek. She is a wife, a mother, and a long-time health and fitness enthusiast. Candace shares her journey to opening her business, how AKT has helped people during the pandemic, and the reason why she decided to work in fitness. They also discuss the importance of diet, nutrition, and just having the drive to take the first step.

In this episode:

02:12 - Candace talks a bit about herself, her family life, and the things they did together during the pandemic.

05:53 -Candace explains what is AKT and her journey to opening her business.

10:52 – Candace shares the challenges they encountered due to the pandemic.

13:42 – What are some ways Candace did to help people adjust and deal with the mental aspect of the clients that are coming in?

16:56 - The importance of being fit and having strong mental health.

20:41 - Dr. Tank shares an informative podcast he listens to,

23:03 - What are Candace’s favorite parts about AKT?

25:46 - Candace tells people her fitness background.

28:03 - The importance of a good diet and nutrition.

31:42 - Candice shares why she’s in the health and wellness business.

33:29 – Candace gives a short message for the listeners who wants to try AKT.

40:02 – Dr. Tank reiterates the importance of being fit and healthy.

Address: 8531 Brier Creek Pkwy Suite 107, Raleigh, NC 27617

Phone: (919) 342-5577

Instagram: @theaktbriercreek


For the complete podcast episode, you may listen to:

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