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Here's what others are saying about Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy!


"Dr. Tancini was great to work with! He listened to my goals and worked with me and my schedule to help achieve them. My PT program was personalized to my needs and my ability level. He's very experienced with patients from a lot of different backgrounds, and his personal experience as an athlete gives him a unique perspective on physical therapy. He uses every tool in the PT toolbox to help you get back and be stronger than ever. He places an emphasis on moving the right way, rehabbing the right way, and optimizing all of the components of your health. He was also honest with me about expected timeline and results, which was really helpful. Would definitely work with him again!"


"Dr. Tancini is an extraordinary physical therapist. I recommend him highly.
After major shoulder surgery and 10 weeks of PT, I returned to Crossfit with significantly limited ROM, mechanical imbalances, and muscle atrophy. Within a couple of months, I experienced a recurrence of shoulder pain and began to despair that I would never return to a fully functional, athletic lifestyle. Dr. Tancini changed all that. His dry needling was magic -- it almost immediately eliminated my discomfort. Dr. Tancini then prescribed a set of ROM and strengthening exercises that quickly and demonstrably improved my ROM, strength, and mechanics, and which I could actually accomplish in a normal day.
But perhaps the most amazing thing to me is that he has launched me on a return to (pain free) running. I was a competitive runner decades ago, but after years of insanely high mileage, my knees were shot; I hadn't run in 12 years. Dr. Tancini assured me I did not have to abandon my preferred sport of origin -- and he has delivered!
As a competitive athlete, Dr. Tancini understands the goals of people for whom normal "activities of daily living" include olympic-style weight lifting, gymnastic movements, running, and metabolic conditioning. If those are your goals, he's your man. Plus, he's a genuinely nice guy."


""Michael is one of the most knowledgeable PTs that I have had the privilege to meet. His motivation for education and high patient care is obvious to anyone. I would highly recommend Michael. He has a lot of different tools that will help any patient with any type of injury. I recently got treated for a complex hip condition and he did a phenomenal job of treating and helping me get back to working out on a consistent basis. 5 stars all the time, every time.""

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